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Multi Platinum Record Entertainment

Multi Platinum Record Entertainment Company 

Multi Platinum Record Entertainment (MPRE) is a 15 year old company established in January 1999 by Mr. Anthony Quinn. MPRE is a full service entertainment company covering all facets of the entertainment industry. With a host of distribution platforms MPRE has the ability to get any media format out to the mass through global distribution. At MPRE all media is embrace within the company from Music (Money Platinum label), Models (Platinum Modelz Nationwide), independent film and more.

Money Platinum is the MPRE record label with 12 artist in genres ranging from Hip Hop to R&B to Gospel and Neo Soul. All MPRE artist are globally distributed through INgrooves Universal . The varying promotion platforms that offered can propel an artist to major status, with a blend of tried and true methods and innovative ideas for marketing and promotion.

Platinum Modelz Nationwide is the model team utilized for promotion and marketing the artist, as well as being a major platform to place our models into individual and group platforms. Being a Platinum Model places our models in all the different formats of modeling, such as product placement, video shoots, still photography (magazines), fashion and also opportunities to pursue an acting career. This summer MPRE launched the Platinum Modelz Nationwide Bikherz Division, bringing the beauty of the biker world to the masses.
To date MPRE has 3 films under its belt through our affiliation and staff member. Having a director on board the label not only brings film to the table, but also can facilitate having scripts and screenplays transformed into a product worthy of the silver screen. Our distribution platform puts independent films in the major retail download outlets.

As stated MPRE is that one stop shop for all forms of media, but there is more… MPRE produces its own concerts, shows competitions and events. Coming the summer of 2015 is the Iconz and Legends Summerfest Tour, in which we will be touching four countries as we promote our artist and seek more talent. The National Bikers Awards is weekend event bringing bikers from all over the US to fellowship and honor the veterans in the motorcycle community. Our signature event, the City Shut Down is a competition to seek out new talent and award them with life changing prizes.

The evolution of Multi Platinum Record Entertainment has been a journey. From the meager begins of one deejay’s idea; MPRE has transformed from a internet radio station to a record label to the major independent record label that it is today. MPRE is rapidly moving to its goal of being that major entity in the music industry. The limit to this giant is limitless. Watch out for MPRE as we come to a venue near you.

 Mr. Quinn the CEO of Multi Platinum Record Entertainment

Antonio Dewar, Chief Operations Officer
Multi Platinum Record Entertainment

Mr. Dewar has been the Chief Operations Officer of Multi Platinum Record Entertainment since Spring 2014. In this capacity, Mr. Dewar has taken grasp of the dream (MPRE) of Mr. Anthony Quinn (CEO) and assisting him in setting that foundation. Mr. Dewar is second in command of this future major, MPRE.

With a background in Business Marketing, Accounting and Forensic Accounting, Mr. Dewar brings a unique set of skill sets to the entertainment industry. He has taken on the daunting task of transforming an indie label into an entertainment company. Starting from the structure, alongside Mr. Quinn MPRE has grown monthly since they teamed up. Mr. Dewar has a long history of business structuring and marketing. Certified by the Small Business Association (SBA), brings a new twist to the traditional methods of indie music labels.

In the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO), Mr. Dewar has a firm grasp on all aspects of Multi Platinum Record Entertainment. The entire structure of the company falls upon his head, as he moves Mr. Quinn into a position of what he does best… make deals and handle negotiations. The combination of the two powerhouses steer MPRE and its components through their journey to success.

Continued development and progression is the call of Mr. Dewar. He brings a can do attitude and an indelible can do spirit to the label. He has quickly got a handle on an industry that he’d only dabbled in previously and excelled. He has found a home with MPRE and the future looks brilliant!!! 

Antonio Dewar, COO
Multi Platinum Records Ent.
Raleigh Office

 Executive A&R Tru Lee

Ms. Tru Lee is currently the Executive A&R for Multi Platinum Record Entertainment (MPRE). Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up in a musical family, she has always had a love and passion for music. Her love her music led her to pursue her dreams of a career in the music industry.
In 2005, Mz. Tru Lee decided to attend college where she received an Associate’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Medical Billing and Coding. An honor student, graduating the top of her class. Mz Tru Lee brings this same level of dedication and hard work to her first love… music.
She traveled her way through the music industry in management, administration and as an A&R. Working for MPRE was like coming home to a family. Joining this family has given her that home where she can advance, grow and gain valuable experience.
With the love she has for the CREATOR, she will always be in the CREATOR'S grace and light, she always put HIM first in her life.

Mz. Tru Lee is very humble, caring, loveable, and motherly. If she can help a person she will, if she can't she will find a way.